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I was an art therapy major in college and took my fair share of art classes but admittedly I did not work with colored pencils a lot. However, as an adult I color with my kids especially while we are camping so that is where my colored pencil expertise is. 🙂

I compared these [amazon text=colored pencils&asin=B015R5IY5A] to my daughter’s generic colored pencils that we had purchased at (I believe) target. Unlike other reviewers I read I had no issues with the pencils when they arrived; the tips were all sharp and together and everything was fine. When my kids and I tested them they seemed a lot more chromatic than the other pencils we had. After testing them I colored with my kids for an hour or so and I thought that these filled in well and were quite smooth. These did not blend quite as well as I would have liked but then again they are by no means professional colored pencils. I have worked with [amazon text=prismacolor colored pencils&asin=B00006IEEV] while I was a designer and they blend amazingly well, these are not comparable to those.

The other thing to be aware of is that these [amazon text=colored pencils&asin=B015R5IY5A] are not a smooth, round colored pencils like most are. These have flat sides similar to a standard school pencil. At first it bothered me but I changed my grip a little and found that I had more control that way and actually was staying in the lines a lot better. My daughter’s coloring book has a lot of fine lines and is quite detailed so it is a lot harder to stay in the lines.

The sharpener that is included is in the bottom of the box and it is nice and sharp and does a good job, we demonstrated it in the video.

If these blended a little better they would be a 5 star product but for the fact that there are so many colors included and the fact that they are quite chromatic I had no problem giving them 4 stars.  If you are into the adult coloring book craze and are looking for a nice set with a lot of colors to choose from these should work just fine for you. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B015R5IY5A]


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