BinaryABC Pill Shaped Pens

I like these pill shaped pens because they are cute and they write well but they are not without their issues.

I read that other reviewers said they were missing a pen, I honestly didn’t get a chance to count mine because as soon as they arrived my daughter snatched some up to give to her friends and then took more after that to give to more friends because apparently they are a hit in her class. These [amazon text=pens&asin=B017481HY8] are very cute, they have nice bright colors with adorable faces on them. I know they are ideal for people in the medical field but I mostly wanted to see how they worked and wanted something I could put in my purse and find easily when needed.

These work easily enough, I have included a video review so you can see them in action. So far I haven’t had any that didn’t write so no issues with the ink. The company did include 2 balloons which my kids quickly took so I didn’t really get a chance to see those.

My complaints with these are that when you take the cap off the [amazon text=pens&asin=B017481HY8] you can’t put it onto the top of the pen so you either have to hold it or set it down somewhere which, at least in my house, means it will probably get lost or become a cat toy. My other complaint is I wish they were just a little bit longer, less than 1/2 inch even. Where it sits when I write it not ideal but again, they’re a [amazon text=novelty pen&asin=B017481HY8], they’re not made for comfort.

I said in my video review I would include dimensions so: When closed- 2.25″L x 3″ around (this is how big around the top is when the pen is extended as well). 4″L when extended 1.5″ where you grip. This is a chunky little pen for sure.

Again, cute little [amazon text=novelty pen&asin=B017481HY8] that despite its small size when collapsed will still manage to not lose itself in my purse and my kid and her friends think they’re fantastic.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B017481HY8]

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