Bigcarddesigns Cat Sneaker Shoes

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These are a different material than I thought they would be from the product images but they’re still super fun

These cat sneaker shoes are really cute. The company that sells these have a ton of adorable and funny printed items and this is just one small sample, I also have a pair of ladybug shoes that I will show in a different review.

My daughter wanted to try these out because the cat does look a little bit like our cat and there’s just something about seeing everyday images like a cat trying to escape from your denim shoe that screams, yes I need to wear this.

The pattern almost seems see through until you put these on and then it becomes much more solid and you can really see the detail. Not only does it look like the kitten is ripping through a pair of denim [amazon text=shoes&asin=B01KQ03ISO] but that denim is ripped and well worn in other places and there are even paint splatter marks on them.

The material on these [amazon text=sneakers&asin=B01KQ03ISO] are different than I had expected. It is not a solid material, it is more like a mesh. You would think that by the way they are made that you could wear them as a water shoe, but I don’t really know if you can especially since they seem to have a detachable insole in the bottom .

I was worried the the soles on these would be slippery because it is kind of a hard plastic as opposed to rubber but my daughter wore them and said they didn’t slide at all. She also said that these are very comfortable right out of the bag (they come in a bag not a box by the way). She also said that they have good arch support, of course this is after I explained to her what that meant because most kids don’t care if their arches are supported. 🙂

The fit seems very accurate in sizing, be aware that these are European sizes so you will have to figure out what size you wear before ordering but rest assured that they match up very well with US sizes. Here’s the chart from the product listing to help you out.


If you’re not a fan of this cat don’t worry because there are other types of cats that can burst through your denim [amazon text=sneaker&asin=B01KQ03ISO] and even one with a [amazon text=hamster&asin=B01KQ03OHE]. 

Overall, they are a cute and comfortable [amazon text=shoe&asin=B01KQ03ISO]. I don’t know how well they will hold up yet but I will update my review if I see any issues.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01KQ03ISO]

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