Best Bully Sticks Tripe Dog Treats

I have tried a few treats from best bully sticks now and these are right up there on their quality standards. These are almost like a bone, a nice tough chew. I have included a video of my Jack Russell (Ollie) Jack Russell Boxer aka my Jack in the Box (Sookie). As soon as I get the bag out they are super excited because they know they are getting the good treats.

I will say that Ollie and Sookie do like these [amazon text=tripe sticks&asin=B0176UTSTU] but their favorite best bully stick treats are still the [amazon text=duck jerkey&asin=B014JO213G] so if you’re debating go with the duck jerky but really you can’t go wrong no matter which of these treats you get. These are all natural, no fillers, made in the USA treats. For the sake of honesty these are kind of a stinky treat while they are eating them but that is not unusual with a natural treat. Of course as you will hear in the video I’ve included I’m sick so I have to take my husband’s word that they stink. However what I like about them is they don’t leave a mess once the dogs are done eating them like some treats do.

Overall, the [amazon text=best bully sticks&asin=B0176UTSTU] are great treats, my dogs love them and I love my dogs so I want to give them the best.

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