Apie Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve tried quite a few different bluetooth speakers out and they are all different and have their good and bad points, luckily with this one there are very, very few bad points and many good ones.

First, design. I like that this [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01CSM9IDC] has a handle and the look is both modern and retro, the red details against the black make for a rather stunning design. The top where the handle is feels almost like wood grain while the bottom, sides and back almost feel like rubber. There are grippers on the bottom to prevent this from sliding around and the whole unit is not very heavy. My only complaint here is that the piece of the handle has quite a bit of give when you press down on the buttons and depending on who this is for and how rough they are with their equipment I wonder how well it will hold up in the long run.

There are blue lights that shine down from the bottom of the handle, I’m still not sure of their purpose but if they’re just there to make it look a little cooler that works for me. Personally I think it would have made more sense to put the buttons under the light so you can see them better in the dark because that is a pet peeve of mine; when I’m trying to use my bluetooth at a party or while camping and it’s dark and I can’t tell what button is which. The buttons are actually on the top where the handle is and they are clearly labeled. I like that there are separate buttons for skipping and going back for your tracks and ones for volume. It kind of annoys me when they are on the same button because I’ll go to turn the song up and skip it altogether. I am debating on whether I like that the on/off button that is separate on the back, that is definitely different than most bluetooth speakers.

The sound on this [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01CSM9IDC] is quite loud on this speaker and I like the digital readout on the front to tell you the volume level. When I put it on max and played a song with more bass it was on the edge of tinny but not too bad at all. I also tried the radio on this and it picked up a station right away and was nice and clear. I did not try playing from an SD card because I didn’t have one so I can’t say anything about that feature. This does come fully charged but I have yet to see how long the charge lasts.

Overall, it’s loud, I like the digital read on the front a lot, the design is cool and it is a nice little [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01CSM9IDC].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01CSM9IDC]

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