AMOSTING RC Monster Truck

I had originally got this RC monster truck thinking it would be good for my son but since he is only 4 I quickly realized that he was not going to be able to use it which I think made my husband happy because he now officially has a very cool [amazon text=RC truck&asin=B017AYXV9U ].

I will admit that I don’t know a ton about [amazon text=RC cars&asin=B017AYXV9U ] but I’m hoping my video review will answer any questions anyone might have.

ThisĀ [amazon text=truck&asin=B017AYXV9U ] is very fast, according the instructions it can go 33 MPH which is part of the reason my son can’t use it. This is actually a hobby grade [amazon text=RC car&asin=B017AYXV9U ] so it is not meant for children under the age of 8.

It is easy to maneuver and has from what we can tell about a 1/4 mile range before it loses the signal with the remote.

My main complaint is that you basically have to take the truck apart to get to the battery, this includes taking little hairpin clips off from the top of the body to take the outside off and then opening up the battery compartment. Be aware that there is also an on/off switch in there so if you charge the battery and plug it back in but don’t turn it off it will drain the battery. This is kind of a pain as well. Also as long as I’m talking about the battery you should know that this can run approximately 10 minutes and then it takes 3 hours for the battery to charge so you may want to invest in an extra one.

The remote does have an indicator light to let you know if the truck has power or not. There is an indicator light on the charger as well so you know when it is done charging.

There are extra clips included in case you lose one (which you probably will at some point since they are so small). You can also raise and lower the body of the [amazon text=truck&asin=B017AYXV9U ] with a screwdriver which is included.

Like I said there is a lot more information in the video review and you can see it in action. My husband thinks it’s great, it’s the first [amazon text=RC car&asin=B017AYXV9U ] he’s had since he was a kid and by the far the fastest he’s ever owned.

There are pros and cons to this one but as far as my husband is concerned the pros outweigh the cons.

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