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My husband and I recently took a night off from our children to take a little road trip and see the traveling Broadway show, Wicked. While in town we decided to get a hotel room and thought we would try out Aloft in Syracuse, NY and boy oh boy are we glad we did.

Admittedly, coming from the design field (I was an Interior Designer), I am rather picky about where we stay. It is not necessarily a matter of style it is a matter of being well designed; I’m just as fond of a well done traditional space as much as a modern space and Aloft of Syracuse is a well done modern space. Actually to say this space is modern is going too far in one direction, we’ve decided to call it funky-retro-modern.

Let’s start with the basics, this hotel ended up being about the same price as the other ones in the area once you accounted for parking (free here but not at other locations) and breakfast (free at other locations but not here) so pricing was not an issue. Location was not bad either. Most of the places to stay in Syracuse were in the heart of the city where as this was 5 minutes away from the theater and we could see the mall (Destiny USA) from our room. Also, our room was on the water which personally I found nicer to look at than buildings downtown.

When you walk in the lobby it is in invasion of the senses. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it was clean and fresh. There was a round front desk to our right and to our left was the “pet” section. This is a pretty pet friendly hotel (check their policies) and they even had dishes, and blankets and treats available. Behind that partition was a sitting area and a pool table and even some board games to play. Or, you could go straight ahead into a smaller sitting area with a fireplace and bar and there was even live music the night we stayed.

There is a grab and go food area that has items that you pay for at the desk. Breakfast options are available to pay for, but we decided to wait and eat at the mall so I can’t comment on how good that was.


Even the elevator was cool, so cool that we decided we needed to take a selfie while we were on it. When you get off the elevator the first thing you notice is that the hallways are dark and very tall, this is a theme that is repeated throughout the space, everything is super tall. This is actually really smart design, when your hallways and dark it makes the space you are entering seem bigger, everything being tall produces the same feeling.

We walked in the room and immediately knew that we made the right choice. The layout of the space was very unique and the design was modern and there was storage everywhere. You open the door and the bathroom is to your right. I’m not going to explain it all as the video speaks for itself. Basically there is a sink with a mini fridge under it, coffee maker, safe, hanging closet, drawers, 2 free water bottles, a huge full length mirror, glass shower and everything is clean lined and awesome. The room is very long, typically hotel rooms are wide but this use of space made much more sense to me. We had a king size bed, desk, television, and large bench to sit on and hold our luggage, ironing board and even usb chargers next to each side of the bed. Every detail felt well thought out, even when you put the shades all the way down it said good night in multiple languages at the top. I was confused at first because there are no visible lights in the ceiling, it turns out the only lighting for the space (excluding the desk lamp and the two reading lights above the bed) is a large diffused light that shines from the top of the wall that divides the main room from the bathroom.

Now to what I consider one of the most important parts of any hotel space. I have pretty severe scoliosis and sciatica and my husband has sciatica so a good bed is very important if we would like to be able to walk semi-pain free the next day, and neither of us had any complaints about the mattress.

We did not really visit the pool, we went and saw it but I’m sorry I didn’t get any video of it. However, since we liked this place so much we already booked our next stay there and this time we will be taking our kids so there will be no avoiding the pool. 🙂

Overall we loved our stay at the Syracuse Aloft. We were so close to the mall that we actually went there twice (I highly recommend eating at pf changes by the way). I can not think of a single thing that we didn’t like about our stay.

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