BiBoss Light Up Bluetooth Speaker

I have tried a few different bluetooth speakers now and this one has its good and its bad points.

Let’s start with the good:

For me [amazon text=this speaker&asin=B0188TKJ9Q] is plenty loud, I’m getting older so my loud might not be as loud as other people’s but it’s plenty loud.

The lights actually go with the music. The blue is the bass and as the music get higher the lights go up to the top. I did find that if your lights aren’t responding properly to the music the speaker needs to be charged and then they will work again. I have had other speakers that light up but they don’t actual go to the music which I found disappointing.

You can turn the lights off or make them solid. Not everyone wants to see dancing lights; you can make it so they don’t move for a more subtile look or you can even turn them off altogether.

As for the negatives of this [amazon text=bluetooth speaker&asin=B0188TKJ9Q]:

The bass is a little tinny and cuts out a bit especially when it is turned up all the way

There are no instructions included. Luckily I’m pretty familiar with these and syncing it was pretty straightforward but I went ahead and showed how to use it in the video part of my review in case anyone needs help.

The sound is better when the lights are turned away, that is because the speakers are only in the back.

I’m sure there are more positives and negatives to this [amazon text=speaker&asin=B0188TKJ9Q] but those are the major things. I have included measurements in the video part of my review. If you’re looking for a fun [amazon text=bluetooth speaker&asin=B0188TKJ9Q] with a lisp (seriously, you’ll hear it in the video part, it cracks me up) this is the one for you. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0188TKJ9Q]

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