Strictly Briks LEGO Roll Up Travel Mat

If you have LEGO fan in your midst there is a possibility they are going to really like this. If you have a LEGO fan that goes to a babysitter or has to travel occasionally chances are they are going to like this even more.

This [amazon text=travel mat&asin=B019EEI720] is nice because it can be used with any standard size LEGO or LEGO compatible bricks on one side and LEGO DUPLO or compatible bricks on the other side. This is kind of genius because it means the mat can grow up with your child (or adult, I’m not judging). When your kids are little and need to use the DUPLO products so they don’t choke the mat will work well for them and it is flexible and easy to clean and little kids will love to play with the nubby feeling material as much as the LEGOs themselves.

When your little one gets older just flip the [amazon text=mat&asin=B019EEI720] over and build away. Anyone who has used the standard baseplates before knows that they take up quite a bit of space especially if you are on the go, since this rolls up and stores away in its bag it can be hung on hook or thrown in your car until you are ready to play with it again.

The one thing that would have made this better is if there was a pocket on the bag that you could put bricks in for when you are on the go. I understand that you can throw them in the bag and close the drawstring but some of those pieces are quite small and it would be nice to be able to zip them up and store them especially if you are traveling with this.

Otherwise my little guy sure is having fun with this [amazon text=mat&asin=B019EEI720]. I also may have played a little after filming my review but there is the possibility that I was avoiding housework. 🙂

This would make a great gift and as a mom I’m happy to have this product because if I step on this it won’t hurt nearly as much as a standard LEGO item. 😉

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019EEI720]

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