Magnetic Levitating Floating Globe

This globe is actually a very cool product. When I saw the images of it I thought it looked very futuristic and loved the modern design of not only the “holder” but also the globe. I have to admit that seeing it in person is equally impressive.

This [amazon text=floating globe set&asin=B01A6F8JV0] is very lightweight and pretty easy to set up once you get the hang of it. The first couple of times I tried to get the ball to levitate I failed miserably but I re-read the included instructions and quickly got the hang of it. I demonstrate how to do it in the video part of this review.

The globe is very detailed and all the countries are labeled and easy to read and the contrast of the silver with the black works well with the modern style holder.

The lights on the holder are a little disappointing, I was hoping they would be a little more defused and I would have liked to have seen them go a little further down the holder; they cast a sort of dot pattern on the globe that I feel would have been nicer with a more blended look to the lights. Another issue is that the cord is approximately 44″. This is actually a decent length if your power source is on your desk but if you power source is on or near the floor that doesn’t leave you a lot of play for positioning the unit but that is not a huge deal. The other thing to be aware of is that if it bumped or moved the ball with “suck” up to the top and you will have to reposition it. The same thing will happen if it gets unplugged. Again, not a huge deal but worth mentioning.

I included dimensions in the video part of my review and it really is worth seeing it in the video to appreciate it. No matter how you look at it, it is a pretty cool display and would look great in any office environment or in your home.

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