Clever Chef Rainbow Utensil Set


As a fan of all this modern, bright and colorful this utensil set couldn’t make me happier. I have a red-orange 50’s kitchen and these utensils are going to fit right in. Upon first inspection they are very nice with a couple of minor issues.

I like the design of the stand. I thought because it was so lightweight that for sure as soon as I put the utensils on only one side it would tip but it didn’t at all. It is a chrome finish which I worry won’t hold up over time but we shall see.

All the [amazon text=utensils&asin=B00VMI5QOE] are nice and long (approximately 13″) and all the handles vary in color but they are all a rubber texture with plastic covering where they hang which is a nice touch. The handles are also comfortable to hold, I hate when handles are too thin and feel like they are going to break when I use them.

There were some small issues at the end of almost all of my handles and I show these issues in my video, nothing major and nothing that will affect the integrity of the set but something worth mentioning.

I had read another review that noted that the ladle is too flat and I have to agree, this makes it very difficult to use and since it is not a very deep ladle I don’t imagine it is going to hold a whole lot but we shall see the next time I make my stew. It will work but not as well as a curved ladle.

My only other problem that I don’t know for sure if it is a problem yet is that the prongs on the fork are a little wider than my existing fork, I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing yet.

Otherwise the utensils seem very sturdy which impressed me and I hope that they will stand up over time. [amazon text=This utensil set &asin=B00VMI5QOE] certainly is better than my current utensils which I have had since my wedding day 13 years ago.

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