Marenja To The Moon And Back Necklace

I know a lot of people love the, “I love you to the moon” saying and they should, it is a wonderful statement but it has a special place in my heart because every since my daughter was very young she would tell us that she loves us to the moon and back and to Disney and back. So, when I saw this necklace I knew that she would understand why I wanted to get it for her.

There are a lot of necklaces with this saying on it but where this one excels is not just with the [amazon text=necklace&asin=B015H5OS0U] but also with its presentation. The preserved rose is much more impressive in person than I thought it would be. When you look at the photos it just looks like a fake rose but when you see it and touch a petal (not advised by the way because they are fragile but I needed to adjust it) it is quite amazing in person. Add to that the necklace is housed in a little drawer so if you’re giving this as a gift you’ve already got the “wow factor” before you even pull out the jewelry.

The [amazon text=necklace&asin=B015H5OS0U] itself is quite lovely. I am a fan of gold and silver together, it makes accessorizing so much easier. This is quite shiny and the little “diamond” stars complete the look very well. I would have preferred a smoother chain but that is not a big deal, that is more of a personal opinion. This has a standard clasp with an extension on the chain.

I included measurements in the video part of this review along with more detailed information.

Overall I can’t wait to give this to my daughter because I know it will mean a lot to her.

I can truly appreciate good design and I am impressed with this company’s effort to not only make their product unique but also the packaging. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B015H5OS0U]

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