SYMA Flying Car Quadcopter

There are quadcopters and then there is this thing. This [amazon text=flying car&asin= B018T2N6JW] is super cool.

From the moment you open this you realize that this is a stand out product. I have reviewed a lot of quadcopters and I’ve reviewed a couple that drive too but this is in a class all of it’s own.

Here’s some of the stand out points on this:

The wheels are soft and almost feel like they’re made out of foam. They glide on whatever you’re driving this on and in a very smooth motion.

There are two settings, slow and fast, and they are noticeable especially when driving

You don’t have to do anything to change this from a car to a quadcopter. I have another quadcopter that you have to snap wheels onto in order to “drive” it. Because the wheels on this are permanently attached you can go from driving to flying without stopping at all. Part of this is because of the controller too, one side of the controls is for flying and the other is for driving and I demonstrate this in my video review.

This comes with two batteries and they’re even charged when you get it. This is a great thing because there is nothing worse than using your quadcopter for 10 minutes or so and your battery dies and you have to wait an hour for it to charge again.

The video review I have included will show this in action and tell you pretty much everything you would need to know about this. The only thing this doesn’t have that most quadcopters I have include is a camera but who cares, it’s a [amazon text=flying car&asin= B018T2N6JW]!

My husband, who ultimately tests all my quadcopters, didn’t want to stop playing with this. He couldn’t get enough of the fact that he could drive it and then fly it and then go back to driving it again without stopping. Add to that you can still do flips and tricks with this and you have the ultimate toy/hobby.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin= B018T2N6JW]

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