Vancona Blue Star Ring


I have a few pieces of jewelry from this company now and every time I get another piece I love it as much if not more than the last. The same holds true for this ring.

I am a fan of uniquely designed pieces, I worked in the Interior Design field for years and can appreciate good design no matter where it presents itself and I believe this is a good design.

The beauty of this star ring is that it works for not only adults but young girls as well. I love the open shape of the ring, it is comfortable to wear and fit me perfectly. I wear a size (I think) 9 ring. It’s actually been a while since I’ve bought a ring but I think that is the size that use to buy. I was worried that is was going to catch on a lot of things but the only time it caught on anything is when I was knitting, my yarn got under it a little but only once and I knit a lot.

I wore this ring all night and I even wore it in our hot tub. I wanted to truly test it out because I have a nickel allergy and a lot of times I can’t wear jewelry more than an hour or so before it starts to bother me and I had absolutely no issues with itching or a rash, actually I almost forgot to take it off at bed time because I forgot I had it on!

I really like the blue-green star on this. It usually looks blue but the light will hit it just right and it looks green and it has a tremendous amount of depth to it that I’m not sure was properly picked up in my video review.

I was pleasantly surprised with this ring and can’t wait to wear it out. To me it seems a little fancy for everyday wear but younger me would have easily worn it daily and nightly. 🙂

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Vancona Blue Star Shaped Fashion Style Finger Ring

About Vancona Jewelry

Vancona jewelry maker believes in using only the finest materials for its collections. Quality matches precision because each details, no matter how small, plays a part in an item’s over look. We offer a great deal of jewelry that’s wearable during the day and many occasions, including item for men, woman, even children. This is a prefect accessory to your outfit or as an appropriate gift; Suitable for ball, party or any special occasions.

Quality Craftsmanship

When purchasing Vancona Jewelry, you can have a peace of mind that you’re choosing jewelry of enduring quality. We’re committed to assuring superior quality through selection of materials, product design and transportation.

Jewelry Care

While Vancona products are designed to last, proper care is an important part of keeping your jewelry looking best. Make sure not to wear your jewelry while cleaning or working with harsh chemicals, in pools or spas, or while playing sports. Store your jewelry individually to keep them from scratching each other. To clean your jewelry, use a warm, soapy water soak and a soft brush.

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