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These are the best of the best of the products I have reviewed on Amazon, meaning these are all 4 and 5 star products. Not all of my reviews are ranked this high, if you would like to see all the items I have reviewed including some that did not favor as well visit My Amazon Reviews. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks for visiting my blog!


Jumphigh Kids Scooter

  I have to admit when I first got this and opened it up I wasn’t overly happy mainly because there was hardware in the bottom of the box just loosely hanging out in there but...


Clever Chef Rainbow Utensil Set

  As a fan of all this modern, bright and colorful this utensil set couldn’t make me happier. I have a red-orange 50’s kitchen and these utensils are going to fit right in. Upon first inspection...


Clever Chef Elephant Fruit Basket

I love quirky things and I love bright colored things and this elephant basket fits the bill for both for me. This elephant basketĀ is adorable and not only is it adorable it is also well made....


Puredown Puffer Coat

See larger image Additional Images: puredown Womens Ultra Light Weight Packable Puffer Down Jacket Puredown Women’s Outdoor Ultra Light Packable Down Jacket is filled with 90% white down. And it delivers ultimate lightweight warmth and heat...


Prefer Green Portion Control Containers

  Portion control works and it works well. I have successful lost weight with just portion control alone and when I added exercise I had great results, unfortunately I fell off the wagon and now I...

Bamber Wood Coffee Mug 0

Bamber Wood Coffee Mug

  I was way happier with this mug that I had anticipated. To start, it’s a wooden cup and that in itself is awesome, not to mention that fact that it is made out of one...