Ohuhu Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack


This is super handy for someone who camps during the summer like me. We stay at a lot of campgrounds that don’t allow you to hang clothes lines but they have places to swim. So we end up with a lot of wet clothes on our car or our picnic table and it’s kind of a pain. This drying rack¬†solves so many of our problems.

1) It’s very light weight

2) It’s compact

3) It can be used at a variety of angles and only 1 side up or both

4) Shoe holders. Since we swim in a lot of waterfall areas we use water shoes

5) It holds a TON of clothes

6) Can hang suits from the hooks on the end and towels on the larger parts

Really I could go on and on but I’m very grateful to have found something like this to make my camping experience a little bit easier.


We used this over this weekend while camping and it worked great. It was compact enough to fit in our camper easily for the trip and when we got out I set it up very quickly. Since we were camping with family everyone was using the rack. At one point we had 6 adult swimsuits, 6 towels (both beach and bath towels), dish towels and we even had a sleeping bag on there at one day because my dog decided to pee on it. No issues at all. Can’t wait to use it again on our next trip.

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Ohuhu Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack, Adjustable & Rust-proof Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack with Foldable Design – Premium Quality (Kitchen)

The Ohuhu Drying Rack is an eco-friendly unit, which will quickly become an essential for you. The high-quality rustproof stainless steel frame with zinc alloy joints allows for use indoors and outdoors, and sets up in a second. It has a versatile foldable design, which is convenient for portability and storage in any tight spaces. The rack is equipped with shoe storage for added convenience and use. The rack accommodates all your drying needs while saving on energy costs and protecting the environment and your clothes.

Product Specifications

-Material: stainless steel, zinc alloy, ABS
-Product Weight: 6500g/14.3lb
-Package Dimension: 1090*570*160mm/43″x22.4″x6.3″
-Unfold Dimension: 1650*550*1020mm/65″x21.7″x40.2″

Package Contents

-1 x Drying Rack
-1 x Warranty Card

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