Multi-Color Sports Headband


I absolutely love the color way of the orange/yellow/blue headband in this set; I’m also fond of the pink one but I am a huge fan of the other color combination so it is an easy win; besides my daughter went ahead and took the pink one anyway.

My daughter and I have been trying out these headbands for a few days now. There is one complaint that we both have that is both a good and a bad thing. When you first put these on they slip up on the back of your head about 1″ or so. After the initial slip they stay put all day long. I both like and dislike this. I have fairly short hair so when I used these while running and while in my hot tub the fact that they slipped and kept my hair off the back of my neck was a good thing but if I wanted to wear them out in public it wouldn’t look too hot. If I had long hair it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

These are woven (obviously) and approximately 1/2″ wide. There is a grippy finish on the inside to help keep them from slipping. Where the ends meet is finished in black which provides a nice contrast.

Overall they will work well for a variety of ages especially if you’re a fan of that late 70’s early 80’s look.

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Multi-Color 3 Pack Sports Headbands with NO Slip Grip Technology – Perfect for Athletes or Great Accessory for Any Fashion Style (Misc.)


Do you love playing sport, and would like a great way of keeping your hair away from your eyes?

Would you like a premium set of braided, knitted hair bands for everyday wear, with a comfortable, soft finish?

If so, our Braided Headbands are the perfect choice! Manufactured from soft material, our Headbands are super comfortable and unlike cheaper, flat sports headbands, are individually braided for a premium look to suit every outfit, whether for sport or everyday wear!

Our Headbands are designed for durable use and won’t easily slip or slide, perfect for sports, whether working out, running, or yoga, and with a convenient, stretchable finish that won’t scratch or irritate as with cheaper plastic headbands.

Perfect for long lasting wear, our Headbands are fully washable for hygienic reuse without building up sweat or odours, and are a great choice as running headbands.


– Soft and super flexible for everyday wear.
– Non-slip, perfect for keeping hair away while working and playing sports.
– Stunning high visibility multi colored designs.
– Authentic braided head bands.
– Washable and easily cleaned for everyday wear.

If you’re tired of uncomfortable plastic headbands for girls and boring hair ties, our premium Braided Headbands are the perfect choice, with high visibility designs, non-slip material and soft comfortable construction!

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