Mondaynoon Crystal Bracelet


This bracelet is beautiful. Right from the moment it arrived I knew this would make a great gift which is good because I got it for my daughter for Christmas.

This has a silver finish and I got the purple stones because I thought they were pretty in the photo and they are indeed pretty in person. This whole bracelet shines and picks up the light beautifully. I think my daughter will like this; there are times when she likes fancy things even though she’s 10 but this is probably best suited for an older teen or an adult but that is really up to the person who it is intended for.

The clasp on this is a standard clasp that works easily. I like that this comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth to help it keep its shine. I really hope that my daughter likes this and if she doesn’t I know that I will have no problem finding someone who will, and that someone is me. 🙂

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Img - B00GASE7AU

Mondaynoon Austrian Luxury Crystal Tennis Bracelet for Women, 7.67″ (Jewelry)


it is a finished product completely made by its own SWAROVSKI company.


it is manufactured by other suppliers with their own idea or material other than what is applied to the SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL from the Swarovski company.

All of our crystal jewelry products are from the only one supplier authorized by the Swarovski company. The crystal are purchased from the assigned vendor with purchased invoice.


The founder & general designer of MONDAYNOON – Song, originally established the brand for women that pursuing beauty could enjoy the infinite happiness and enthusiasm with elegant jewellery in every MONDAY(a celebration day of the beautiful and elegant women in myths.

Song made 2 hours promotion on every Monday from 12:00 to 14:00 as a tradition to provide preferential treatment to our busy customers. Then Mondaynoon was born due to highlighting and inheriting this concept.

Mondaynoon always adheres to the highest quality materials, the most affordable price and the most considerate service as tenet and we firmly believe that customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation. You can trust Mondaynoon to only offer the highest quality crystal at the lowest possible price. Each piece of our products is made of 5 years experience in polishing master pure handmade. We ensure that each product is smooth with no defect, error is less than 0.33 mm, slightly more refined processing, caress your tender skin.

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