Klikel 2015 Jingle and Sleigh Bell Ornaments


I received both the jingle bell and the sleigh bell from this this company; they are both beautiful. This bell has a nice classic design and the sound is amazing however the other bell has a more modern design which I really like.

I decided to do a video review including both bells so that you could compare in case you were trying to decide between the two. I think the thing I like best about the Jingle Bell Ornament is that my children both started doing bell choir at church this year and this reminds me of the bells that they play. The sound is very similar to their bells and the so is the shape.  What I like best about the Sleigh Bell Ornament is the size of it; it is much larger than I had anticipated which gives it a more modern look. 

Both bells are shiny and gorgeous. I do like the fact that the Jingle Bell says “Christmas” too and I kind of wish the Sleigh Bell did but it’s not a big deal. The red ribbon adds a nice contrast to the chrome shine of these bells.

Overall, these Klikel 2015 Jingle and Sleigh Bell Ornaments are lovely and they would make great gifts and getting them made me a little excited for Christmas even though it’s not Thanksgiving yet. They’re both very pretty.

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