Infinuvo Hovo Robot Vacuum

This is my second robot vacuum and I see features that I really like with this one more than my current one and a couple things I think could be better.

First, this is definitely best for hardwood for solid floors. It did clean a little on my area rug but not as well as a standard vacuum. The reason for this is because it does not have a spinning brush like your standard vacuums do. This means that it is better for your hardwood floors because it will not damage them but it doesn’t work as well on rugs because there is nothing there to get down into the pile no matter how short it is.

The controls on this are easy to use and I have a fondness for electronics that talk to you which this does.

It is easy to clean

There are two filters including one hepa filter which is nice because I have allergies

It is programmable so you can schedule it to start cleaning at a certain time every day (make sure your floor is cleaned up first, something my kids have a difficult time with as you will see in my video review)

It mops!!! Not only that but it mops very well. It took me a minute to figure it out but once you get the tank full and put the pad on after a minute or so the pad gets wet enough to clean your floors. Also, when you do this you can really see how well it covers the space

It is powerful. This is a much stronger vacuum than my current one. It’s so strong it was actually able to move my barstools and get up and over my 1″ high marble threshold

There is a virtual blocker. My current vacuum just loves to clean under my bed which would be a good thing but we have an adjustable bed so it gets caught on the cords. If it had a virtual blocker like this one I could keep that from happening. It seems that the blockers works fairly well but I’m not sure it works 100% of the time.

It charges itself. Once the robot notices that its battery is about to die it will quit cleaning and find its way back to its base to charge. Mine seems to have a slightly hard time finding its base when it is at the other end of the room but I wonder if it is picking up the signal from my other vacuum.

It has a remote. This is handy but I wish the remote were bigger. My other one is big and round which makes it harder to lose; I could see myself losing this remote easily. Maybe even an app would be great for when I inevitably lose my remote.

This is a fast vacuum. it is way more zippy that my other one but that doesn’t seem to have an effect on its cleaning ability.

I think that is pretty much the basics of this. I have included a video of it in action that is quite long and if I could have I would have easily been able to add more information on it. There is a lot to this vacuum but that is a good thing and the directions are very good and easy to understand.

Overall, if you have hardwood floors, especially if you don’t have an area rug but even if you do, this is a great vacuum.

UPDATE: I spoke to the seller and they said yes that my other vacuum charger is making this one confused when it is trying to find its home which is not a big deal for me because I can easily guide it to the charger but I wanted to mention this. Also; I mention that the remote is small and the seller told me there is another model with a larger remote available so keep that in mind as well. Please comment with any questions and I will try my best to answer them.

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Infinuvo Hovo 650 Robotic Vacuum with HEPA Filter, UV Lamp, Home Base, Scheduler, Virtual Blocker & Water Tank for Wet/Dry Mop

Hovo® 650 is an new addition to Infinuvo robot cleaner family. It not only has home base, scheduler, virtual blocker and remote control, but also has a large full-length mop accessory with water tank, so you can do both dry and wet mopping effectively. To do wet mopping, just fill water tank reservoir with water or cleaning solution such as Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner, etc.

Hovo 650 eliminates the middle brush, so you do not need to spend time removing hairs and debris from roller brush.

Hovo 650 has advanced dual-filtration design, which uses pre-filter and HEPA filter to catch fine dust and allergens, so the air in your home is fresher. On-board UV light helps to kill bacteria, germs and allergens while vacuuming, so it is a great choice for pet owners and people with allergies.

When battery is low, it returns to home base for recharging. Users can use scheduler to set up their own cleaning time. It can go under bed and other hard to reach place to clean dirt, dust and pet hairs. It has cliff sensors to detect stairs, so it will not fall down stairs.

It works best on hardwood, linoleum and tile floors. It is not recommended for medium/long pile carpet.


1 year manufacturer warranty for US customers when purchased through authorized retailers.

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