DJT Funnel Neck Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie

I love this hoodie.

I will admit that when it gets cool enough I live in hoodies. For years now I have been wearing my husband’s old skateboard hoodies and I’m slowly starting to get some that I can call my own and this one is awesome.

First, the sizing seems very accurate for US sizes, I got a XXL and probably should have gone with an XL, I typically wear a 16 or 18 so hopefully that helps.

This is very warm and comfortable hoodie. The inside is lined with fleece which threw me off a little when I washed it because I didn’t realize. I have not dried this yet but I don’t anticipate it shrinking but if it does I wouldn’t mind because it is a little big on me since I ordered the wrong size.

My favorite part about this hoodie is the zipper pocket on the front. At first I wasn’t quite sure if I would use until I realized that it would keep my cell phone from falling out of my hoodie pocket- genius. I honestly didn’t know I needed this zipper pocket so much. 🙂

Thanks to this hoodie I have also discovered a love for a funnel neck, it is the coolest. However, the hood on this is huge, I swim in it. Luckily though that doesn’t matter too much because it looks really cool. I’m also a fan of the big cord to tighten the hood, the contrast against the dark grey is a look that I’m fond of.

If you don’t like the dark grey there are some other colors to choose from including black and navy, I just always go with grey because I have pets but their fur doesn’t seem to stick to this too much which is another plus. 

I can not say enough good things about this hoodie, I will be telling everyone that wants to listen about it. If I have any issues with it I will update this review but for now bring on Fall because I am ready!

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