Decolighting Himalayan Salt Lamp

I think the design of this salt lamp is stunning, it has an art deco feel that I am a fan of.

I am just starting to learn the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps and I realized I needed to try them out because I have allergies and I know they are suppose to help. I thought this was pretty and since I was a designer before being a stay at home mom product design is pretty important to me.

This arrives with a bulb in it and an extra one too. I purposely filmed the size of the bulb in my video review partly because I thought people would want to know but mostly so I can look it up easily if I ever need to buy another one. 🙂

The salt for this is surprisingly heavy, I was not anticipating that. Not only is the salt heavy, it is beautiful. Just a tip when you are putting the salt in which I ended up re-doing after filming my review, put the smallest rocks in first around the bulb and then fill the rest in.

There is a dimmer switch on the cord and that is how you turn this on and off. I got a little nervous when I put it on the first time because I realized I had filled the whole lamp with salt before testing the bulb and you do have to turn it quite a bit before the bulb lights up. I guess it didn’t matter really because I ended up taking all the salt rocks out and re-doing them anyway. 🙂

A couple things to note about the materials used on the lamp itself:

1) The bottom of the base is nice because it has a felt pad so it won’t damage furniture but the base is actually a plastic material not metal as I thought it would be

2) The wires that hold the crystals together are very thin and come off easily, luckily they are easy to put back on but I did have one come off while filling the lamp and I can see this being an issue should my cat or my kids become interested in those wires

Otherwise this is a lovely lamp, we’ve actually been using it while we eat dinner at night for ambiance. I don’t know if I have noticed the benefits of it yet but hopefully it will work its magic on my dust allergies.

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