Clever Chef Elephant Fruit Basket

I love quirky things and I love bright colored things and this elephant basket fits the bill for both for me. This elephant basket is adorable and not only is it adorable it is also well made. I pushed on this with quite a bit of force and there was not give at all.

The color although hard to see on my video is almost a country blue it is not quite as aqua as it appears. I have included measurements in my video review but this is quite large and most definitely a centerpiece.

I threw a couple of bananas in mine to demonstrate the size but really you could put anything you want in this, you could even add a glass dish to the basket so you could put smaller items in it. This is made of a coated metal and the coating doesn’t show any seams or unevenness so I believe that this basket will hold up for quite a long time.

This basket would make a great gift for anyone who likes elephants or just likes unique fun colorful items. I can’t say enough good things about this cute basket, it’s adorable and functional, what more could you want?

If you’re not into elephants and you want something else colorful and unique to add to your kitchen Clever Chef also carries an orange scorpion banana holder which is fantastic. 

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Fruit Bowl Elephant Shaped Party Centerpiece Stainless Steel Wire Aqua (Kitchen)

• Make healthy eating fun with this cheerful elephant wire fruit bowl.
• Makes a great gift for birthdays, wedding showers, anniversaries, and more! Surprise the animal lover in your life!


• Overall height – 9 1/2 inches
• Width of bowl – 7 1/4 inches
• Length of bowl – 9 1/4 inches
• Depth of bowl – 2 1/4 inches
• Base dimensions – 7 3/8 inches long x 4 1/4 inches wide

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In addition to Amazon’s standard Return Policy, as the manufacturer we offer a full Refund or Replacement Guarantee for 1 (one) full year. If you are ever not satisfied for any reason, please contact us directly. Thank you for choosing Clever Chef.

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