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3DLightFX R2-D2 Light

Easily the coolest light I’ve ever seen This R2-D2 light from 3dLightFX is the coolest. You would think since we named our son Anakin that we were big star wars fans but it’s actually the opposite,...


3D Light FX

If you’re anything like me you tend to wander around Target from time to time especially if you happen to be kid free for an hour or two. Also, if you are like me wandering around...


Benny the Bull by Waliki Toys

See larger image Additional Images: WALIKI Toys Bouncy Horse Hopper, Pump Included (Benny The Jumping Bull Inflatable Hopping Animal, Riding Horse for Kids, Hoppy Horse, Ride-on Hopper Horse, Purple, for Toddlers) (Toy) New From: 0 Out...


Phoenixnet Magnet Building Block Set

Very nice educational toy but you need at least a couple of sets to build really cool stuff and keep your kids busy.  This is not the first time I’ve reviewed a magnet building block toy...


Cheerwing Wooden Grocery Market Fruit Stand

See larger image Additional Images: Cheerwing Wooden Grocery Store and Fruits Stand Pretend Play Toys with Fruits and Vegetables (Toy) New From: 0 Out of Stock I got this grocery store stand to give to my...