Best Bully Sticks Braided Dog Treats

This is the second product I’ve received fromĀ Best Bully Sticks and my dogs love this product just as much as theĀ duck treats they received before.

These are a braided chew and they are tough which means they are great for my dogs’ teeth. My big dog, Sookie, typically chews through bones in seconds and then heads over to beg for my little dog’s (Ollie) treat. These took Sookie quite a while to chew up and she was content enough she didn’t beg for Ollie’s when she was done.

As you can see in the video Ollie is wagging his tail like crazy and loves these treats. Ollie is the pickiest dog I’ve ever met; he won’t eat just anything. I was thrilled to see him love the duck treats so much and equally thrilled with his love of these treat.

I can say that I have two very happy pups on my hands right now since best bully sticks came into our lives.

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