PROLOSO Bamboo Washcloths

So soft! This is not my first set of bamboo bath products. I also have a bamboo towel set and some other bamboo products because I believe I’m obsessed with bamboo products. I honestly had no idea that bamboo would feel the way it does partly because as an Interior Designer my main association with bamboo with super durable bamboo flooring, who knew it could do so much more?!

First, right off the bat, the question I always want to know about stuff like this is if it has a smell when it arrives and these had absolutely no scent at all. This is partly because bamboo does not hold scents.

Next I would want to know if they are soft, and yes, they are incredibly, soft. You would have to feel them to believe it

Are they a good size? Yes, they are the perfect size washcloth (approximately 10″ x 10″). I hate when they are so big they are practically a hand towel and I can’t use them on my son but I also can’t stand it when they are too thick, too thin or too small. These washcloths are none of the above.

And finally, do they hold up in the wash? Granted I have only washed these once but I had no issues. My lint trap was not full from drying them and they actually felt even softer after washing them which I didn’t think was possible.

These would be a great baby shower gift or house warming gift or just simply if you’re looking for new washcloths. I think they’re fantastic.

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PROLOSO 9.8″x9.8″ Ultra Soft Bamboo Fiber Baby Washcloths 6-Pack, with New Package 3 Colors Yellow Green Pink (Kitchen)

Unlike traditional cotton towels that can easily become contaminated by bacteria and fungi, bamboo fiber towels naturally prevent microorganisms and mildew from growing on the towel, even in humid and damp environments. You can safely use bamboo fiber towels for any occasion.

Usually, a towel will pick up bad odors after a short period of being unwashed; however, this is not an issue with bamboo fiber towels. Bamboo fiber has a natural deodorant effect that can fight and prevent unfavorable odors from lingering on the towel.

The surface of bamboo fiber towels are covered by bamboo fiber loops, which allow the towels to feel exceptionally smooth on the skin. Even after repeated uses and washes, the towels will remain silky and soft. Bamboo fiber towels are arguably one of the best options for the tender skins of toddlers and children.

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