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Typically with electronic products I can find at least 1 thing I don’t like about them but so far with this smart watch / activity tracker I can’t find anything. This is not my first smart watch or activity tracker. I’ve had a fitbit flex for over a year and I’ve also had 2 other lesser named units that each had their quirks.

Here’s the highlights because this could take a while if I mentioned everything I liked:

* It’s comfortable. The band is roughly 9″ long (it’s hard to measure) and the holes fit a variety of sizes. I have very small wrists and there were still holes left and my husband has gigantic wrists and he just barely made it on the first hole (nothing ever fits him)

* It is easy to charge. I was confused at first because there was no charging cord and then I realized that the whole unit is a charger (this is shown in the video part of this review) so that is a great design

* It is super easy to sync on both android and apple. As long as your bluetooth is (I think) a 4.0 all you have to do is download the app, register, go to the menu (make sure your bluetooth is on), click connect device and it does it all for you. Easiest syncing product I think I’ve ever used.

*It is still a watch. When you swing your wrist to look at the watch the screen turns on and shows you the time

* You can change from a 24 hour to a 12 hour clock. It seems a little silly but I’ve had some that you can’t do this and it drives me nuts

* You can change to US forms of measurement, meaning miles not kilometers.

* It is very easy to use once you get the hang of it, just swipe or tap or long press to do all the actions

* You can get texts on it, this might be my favorite feature because there are not a lot of activity trackers that do this

* It seems pretty accurate, I compared it to my fitbit and it was very close, I did put my fitbit on a little bit before this so that might account for the little bit of discrepancy.

Overall I’m very pleased with this product especially at the price point, it’s well designed, accurate, easy to use and comfortable; you really can’t ask for much more.

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007plus T5 Plus Fitness Tracker Health Sleep Monitor Pedometer Activity Tracker Wristband, Black (Electronics)

Fitness tracker
Only fit for IOS 8.0 or above and android 4.3 or above, not fit for windows phone or other system.
1. Display Health Parameters:display the time, steps, distance and calorie clearly.
2. Sleep Monitor: Accurately monitor effective sleeping time and motions every night (including light sleep and deep sleep).
3. Push Reminder(Support Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter,Skype,Message,Line,SMS etc.).Vibrate to remind you call and message.
4. Remote Capture: Take pictures without help, just use “remote capture” function.
6. Looking Phone: anti phone lost.
1. Dual-mode control: touch control
2. Build-in USB charger,doesn’t need external charger. Plug the black part into official USB port to charge.
3. Download “zeroner health v3.0″APP from Apple Store and Google Play Store(depend on what firmware of your phone).
4. About 1 hour charging, work for 5 to 7 days (longer battery life)
FAQ:Refer to the image
1.Could not convert the watch to 12 hours vs 24 hour format Click advance setting button from your phone, and set your phone from 12 hours or 24 hours.connect the app and smart band. the format would change with the phone.
2.Doesn’t have a charger?
This product does not need a USB charger, it is a build-in USB charger and pull the silicone band out and plug the black main part into Laptop or computer or other official USB port to chage. Please refer to the product image.
Note:We do not suggest to wear for swimming, if there’s any operational problem that harass you, please e-mail us, we will assist further.
Note:We do not suggest to wear for swimming, if there’s any operational problem that harass you, please e-mail us, we will assist further Please do not update to version.

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13 Responses

  1. Janet Radford says:

    My 007 plus is still on old time and hate military time

  2. Carla says:

    Thank you for that awesome video! Great help! You are so right, it’s super easy. I too was wondering how to change the time, I went into app settings and just like that I had changed to 12hr time and set to correct time automatically. Thanks again!

  3. Jana says:

    My screen is black and there is a white light on the end that is on. I just charged it and it won’t connect to my phone. Can you help?

  4. Claudia says:

    My caller Id stopped working. Is there a way to trouble shoot it?

    • Michelle says:

      Did you try the obvious like turning off both the watch and your phone and restarting both? Do you get any other notifications on it? Is it possible that you bluetooth is no longer connected?

  5. Donna R says:

    Has anyone had issues with it not charging? I bought mine in Dec. worked great for months and now can’t seem to get it to work.

    • Michelle says:

      I haven’t heard of anyone else having this issue. I would contact the company, you haven’t had it that long, maybe they will replace it. Good luck.

  6. Caitie says:

    I just got mine today and it won’t turn on, what do I do?

  7. Alexis says:

    My fitness tracker doesn’t have a Bluetooth symbol anymore and won’t connect. Is there a way to reset it?

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